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Spring Cleaning

Earthworks are progressing to plan but progress is expected to slow down in the summer months as ‘other sites’ open up to receive fill when ground conditions are dry and easily accessible. Higher numbers are expected to return going into the autumn and winter as these sites close.

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Trapping has begun and the results are ‘toad’aly awesome!

We have restarted our translocation of reptiles and amphibians and have been trapping for over a month now. We are finding a wide range of amphibians and reptiles. We have been lucky enough to see toad and frogspawn this year and have moved many animals already.

Cranleigh Brick and Tile Works, Ecology, Trees, Rural Arisings

Winter is over and we've never felled better

This winter ecological work has focussed on preparing the rest of the earthworks site, not yet open to engineering works, for the 2017 Translocation season. This has mainly consisted of removing the trees and scrub before the bird nesting season begins.

Wildwood Lane Depression - Cranleigh Brickworks

Wildwood Lane Depression - the plot deepens

We were first made aware of the latest pothole to open up on Wildwood Lane, between the Rugby Club and the A281, by a number of the lorry drivers visiting our site.

All the signs are there - Cranleigh Brickworks

All the signs are there

A requirement we have in the Section 106 Agreement we have with Waverley Borough Council  is to obtain and erect improved road signage in the area.

Zone A Catchment Build - Cranleigh Brickworks

Holding Back the River - Zone A Catchment Build

One of our early goals in the project is to cut off leachate production which overwhelms  the effluent lagoon at the bottom of the site thereby reducing the ongoing production of leachate to more manageable quantities.

Dark pond changes direction - Cranleigh Brickworks

Dark pond changes direction

The ‘best’ newt pond within the site was formerly perilously positioned at the upper end of one of the three large contaminated water bodies and was at risk of being overwelmed by contaminated leachate.

Ablutions block washes away - Cranleigh Brickworks

Ablutions block washes away

A fire behind the Rural Arisings Offices was started by vandals on Sunday 23rd October which destroyed a derelict shower block unit.

Cranleigh rugby football club and Rural Arisings

Cranleigh Rugby Football Club and Rural Arisings team up

Rural Arisings are the proud sponsors of local rugby team Cranleigh Rugby Football Club who are celebrating their 50th year. Their pitches are located just off of Wildwood Lane in Cranleigh.

Cranleigh Brickworks 2.0 - The Big Restart

Cranleigh Brickworks 2.0 - The Big Restart

With the protected species from the central zones of the site being relocated, to receptor areas just outside of the earthworks boundary, the central zones  became available to the earthworks programme.