Cranleigh Brick and Tile Works

Client: Steward Transport
Location: Cranleigh Brick & Tile Works
Cranleigh Brick and Tile Works is located 8 miles southeast of Guildford in Surrey. The site has a long and chequered history from clay production in the early part of the 20th century; during WW1 the site was a munitions store; between 1937 and 1989 it was used for a range of chemical manufacturing processes; between 1990 and 2004 the site reverted to a brickworks with clays sourced locally on site.

Chatham Golf Driving Range

Rural Arisings, Chatham Golf Driving Range

Client: Chatham Golf Driving Range Ltd
Location: Street End Road, Chatham, Kent, ME5 0DB


Chatham Golf Driving Range is located on the north side of Street End Road in Chatham. To the northeast of the driving range is an area of land used for public allotments. The project was to provide an extension to the Chatham Golf Driving Range through the creation of an earth embankment and boundary fencing. 

Field Place Farm

Rural Arisings Field Place Farm

Location: Field Place Farm, Stairbridge Lane,  Bolney, West Sussex
Client:  Andrew Strong, Landowner
Project: Construction of a lagoon to contain slurry for cleaning out of piggery buildings

Oakwood Park Equestrian Centre

Rural Arisings, Oakwood Park

Client: Ali Remmen

Location: Oakwood Park Showground, Maresfield, East Sussex  


The site is on former agricultural land which is used for a mixture of grazing and equestrian activities.  The equestrian activity mainly takes place between April and November.  Part of the site is occupied by a former agricultural building which has been converted into two business units. 

Holmsted Farm

Holmsted Farm

Client: Landowner Mr Bill Hayward
Location: Holmsted Farm, Cuckfield, West Sussex


Holmsted Farm undertakes contract rearing of dairy cows for other dairy farmers and is located to the northwest of Cuckfield in West Sussex. Historically, the dirty water drained from the cattle slurry has been pumped uphill to a large lagoon, where the waters would partially seep into the ground.  

Milton Creek Country Park

Milton Creek Country Park - Rural Arisings

Client: Swale Borough Council
Location:Sittingbourne, Kent


Milton Creek is a former landfill site occupying about 26 hectares on the northern edge of Sittingbourne. It is an innovative restoration project soon to be Kent’s newest country park. Following use as a brick and gravel pit the area became a landfill site, closing in 1973. At that time the regulations regarding the restoration of landfill sites were not as stringent as today.

Little Belhus Country Park

Little Belhus Country Park Restoration - Rural Arisings

Client: Belhus Land Ltd.
Location: Little Belhus, Arisdale Avenue, South Ockendon

Little Belhus, in the south west of Essex, is an ambitious project to turn 86 hectares of former landfill into a country park. The site has historically been used for the extraction of gravel and sand dating back to the 1940’s and before then was farmland. After the mineral deposits were extracted the pits were filled with household waste and commercial/industrial waste.