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About Us

The principle activity of the company is that of the bespoke environmental enhancement of sites by innovative recycling and/or recovery of soil, rubble and green wastes.

At Rural Arisings, we work with landowners to manage the rejuvenation of industrial and contaminated sites and unusable land into recreational, ecological and agricultural land.  In addition we upgrade agricultural land for example by cleaning up waste slurry through the creation of reedbeds.

We use sustainable resources, including the recycling and recovery of soil, rubble and green wastes, to turn contaminated and unusable brownfield sites into vibrant and healthy environments such as open spaces and community parks.

We are currently working on projects with a combined value of approximately £5M, and we have further projects in design and under planning consideration.

Our projects have included:

  • Restoration of closed landfill and quarry sites
  • Diversification of derelict, redundant or brownfield land
  • Creation of green open spaces for public recreation
  • Community engagement
  • Creation of habitats for protected species
  • Preparing sites for building re-development
  • Construction of wetlands, fishing lakes, grey water recycling and water management  at farming facilities
  • Assessing and carrying out amphibian, reptile and mammal translocation
  • Improving amenity value of land including resolving adverse noise and visual impact issues
  • Design and planning waste management applications for quarry and materials recovery facilities
  • Preparation and submission of planning applications and Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Carrying out all necessary investigations, studies and surveys in support of project proposals
  • Resolving problems on sites where we have been called in after non-permitted activities have occurred

We can undertake the preparation and submission of Declarations for the transfer of soils under the CL:AIRE Definition of Waste: Code of Practice (DoWCoP).

We are associate members of AGS (The Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists) and Supporter members of CL:AIRE (Contaminated Land: Applications in Real Environments).

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