No wonder Poplar hawkmoths are so pop-u-lar

Poplar hawkmoths are our commonest species of hawk moth in the UK. We did not pick up this one on our moth survey but rather when it flew into our tractor cab!

Making hay whilst the rain pours

Our seed rich green hay arrived this week from nearby Langdon Nature Reserve managed by Essex Wildlife Trust.

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Woodland Trust - Free Trees

A great big thanks to all the volunteers who helped plant over 800 trees this week
We have created a new mixed hedgerow full of blackthorn, hawthorn, hazel, rowan, oak, field maple and silver birch.

Thank you ASDA

Lovely Lynne from ASDA Living Thurrock came and presented the Little Belhus Country Park Trust with a £50 cheque yesterday! This money will go towards buying native trees, as we are looking at planting around 3000 trees and shrubs this winter.

Yellow (orange, grey.....) brick road

The first of the paths have been put in place! The image in the photo shows the base of the path; this will be covered up with finings to make a smoother surface.

Green Hay

The green hay from Langdon Hills finally arrived last week. Due to the heavy rainfall making the site thick with mud and slosh it turned up a little later than anticipated, so when it arrived there was a huge sigh of relief.

Wasp Spiders

Whilst out doing a reptile survey this morning, I happened upon a couple of wasp siders - much to my delight. The photo is of a female, they are pretty big being about the size of a 2p coin. The males are much smaller and sometimes provide a meal for a hungry female after mating!

Coronation meadows - Ground preparation

As part of the Coronation Meadows project in Essex, we are creating a wildflower meadow in partnership with the Essex Wildlife Trust. Before the seed source arrives we have a lot of work to do in removing the vegetation that has sprung up on the finishing soils.

I don't pLOVEr this picture..

Poor quality but you can just make out a little ringed plover in the top right hand corner. A pair of these tiny wading birds were seen today having a lovely insect feast on the muddy banks of the lake in the North Field.