Little Belhus Blog

The bigger picture - aerial photographs 2014 - 2016

Three aerial photographs showing the North Field between 2014 and 2016 as viewed from above the M25 - the western boundary of the park.

Scrubs up well!

The Epping Forest Conservation Volunteers helped out at Little Belhus by planting up a 1 hectare scrub area Dec 2016.

Wochaduna Waters

A Thurrock Enquirer article about Dilkes Academy naming the big lake at Little Belhus Country Park. Pupils from the school had fun making a mosiac of the lakes new name, and a butterfly mosiac which we will be displaying on our Skip Garden located at the lake.

Privet Hawkmoth

A Privet hawkmoth which flew into our work site. We rescued it and put it on an Ash tree (one of its food plants). It is one of the largest hawk moths and you can just make out its pink and black body in the first photo.

A few snaps from our Trail Camera

You may need to get your eye in to see them all!

Incredible woodland fungi

Even in the midst of winter there are incredible looking species to be found

Tree planting public event at Litttle Belhus this Christmas

Er I'll say no to cake, Alfred.

King Alfred's Cakes (looks like something else?!) found on perimeter hibernacula.

Taking the Trench Roller for a walk...

The Trench Roller is a remote controlled piece of equipment we hired to compact the base of the ponds we are creating. It rams the soil until it is rock hard and no water can penetrate. We did 5 layers of soil like this so in theory nice full ponds should be had.

No wonder Poplar hawkmoths are so pop-u-lar

Poplar hawkmoths are our commonest species of hawk moth in the UK. We did not pick up this one on our moth survey but rather when it flew into our tractor cab!