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Seven ugly ducklings

Our mute swan family have done a very good job of raising their chicks. The baby's are quite a decent size now and thus far all seven have survived.

Mulching about

We spent all day Friday wheelbarrowing bark chippings and shovelling them on the ground where we have planted our hedges. This has two functions. 1. It slows down the growth of weeds which could otherwise smother our newly planted tree whips and 2.

Good Thursday!

A very good day was had on Thursday, the last working day before the Easter weekend. Local volunteers offereed their help with planting a hedge in the North Field, and it was an enjoyable and productive day. A mixture of hawthorn, blackthorn, silver birch, dog rose, and hazel were planted.

Gas-tly ants. How bore-ing..

Each month we take samples of the landfill gas at a number of points both on and off site. This month however Dale and I were somewhat taken aback when we tried to sample this borehole near the Long Pond, just offsite. As we opened it, a swarming mass was revealed!

Neighbourly Visit

Two of my former colleagues from the RSPB Rainham Marshes reserve in Purfleet visited us at Little Belhus today.

Newsletter - March 2014

Borage beauties

Two members of the borage family - green alkanet (obviously the blue one...!) and common comfrey (white) growing side by side next to the path. 
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Catkins - Rural Arisings

Catkins Galore!

The trees around the fishing lake are looking spectacular, being in full 'bloom' at the moment. The photo shows the spiral red catkins of a poplar tree. Catkins are the type of drooping petal-less cluster of flowers that many trees produce.

If you go down to our woods today...

You won’t find hundreds of empty Fosters cans strewn about! This is because we had Thurrock probation service in carrying out their community payback.  They spent most of the day litter picking, after spending the morning planting and caring for trees.

Volunteer Planting days - October 26th, November 9th

We recently held two volunteer planting days on October 26th and on November 9th. The area the volunteers were planting was in the North Field which we aim to partially open to the public in autumn 2014.