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Stakeholders’ tour of the site

Friday 13 September  - Members of the Little Belhus Stakeholders’ Group undertake a tour of the site to see how the Little Belhus Country Park is developing.
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Little Belhus Country Park Restoration - Rural Arisings

Dust prevention

Here at Little Belhus we are enjoying the good weather we have had for the past few weeks. It does, however, mean that the roads become dustier as they dry up. To mimimise the dust we are intermittently spraying the roads with water. 

Working party update

The weather was lovely, sunny and warm for our working party on the 29th June. The time was spent moving large stones from an area that will become rough grassland into some piles of reptile hibernacula.

Rural Arisings Little Belhus Restoration Water vole

Digging trenches in the water vole area (North Field)

During June and July a lot of progress has been made on site. We have for example dug the water vole trenches in the North Field.

Volunteer Working Party

This Saturday (29/06/2013) there will be a Volunteer Working Party at Little Belhus. If you wish to attend or have any queries please contact Eleanor Payne. Contact details and information about the day can be found on the poster underneath. 

Borehole - Rural Arisings - Little Belhus

Extending the boreholes

As the work progress on site the boreholes have to be extended to prevent them from being buried. This is surprisingly hard work and would mean hours and hours of digging if done by hand. Ask Eleanor and Kristina, they know, having attempted what looked like an easy job by hand.

Rural Arisings Little Belhus Leachate Testing

Leachate testing

Today our laboratory contactors are on site sampling leachate which will be tested in their laboratory. This is done three times a year and it takes roughly two days to sample all the locations. 

Rural Arisings Little Belhus


Say hello to our site vehicle. We use him on site for example when we go gas testing and when carrying out work that requires a lot of equipment. 

gas testing

Gas testing

Every month we (usually Eleanor and Kristina) spend two days gas testing almost 35 boreholes. Gas testing involves going out on site and testing for e.g. methane, carbon dioxide and oxygen in boreholes on site and also just off site.


Here is our current news letter, a new newsletter will soon be published and will contain the major progress made here on site since the last newsletter. However, we will of course keep you updated here on the Belhus Blog with the progress made on site at regular intervals.