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If you go down to our woods today...

You won’t find hundreds of empty Fosters cans strewn about! This is because we had Thurrock probation service in carrying out their community payback.  They spent most of the day litter picking, after spending the morning planting and caring for trees.
We have a lovely woodland area on site, but unfortunately it has been neglected for many years. The people who used it to hang out in certainly left their mark on the woodland by the sheer volume of litter they left behind. We managed to gather a vast amount of it up – in fact we filled up Percy (our Land Rover) completely twice over with black sacks.
BUT there is still more to be done, and we are going to organise another day soon.
If you are able to give your time and help out, please contact the Rural Arisings Site Office on 01708 857245
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