Cranleigh Blog

Site Clean up Continues - RCF and Leachate Managed


Adaptable Dragonfly Larvae Transform on Exclusion Fences


Froglet Frenzy: Species Translocation in Full Swing


Amphibian and Reptile Translocation has begun


A Parasite for Sore Eyes: The Large Bee-fly

This particular Large Bee-fly (Bombylius major) was found clinging to one of our contractors’ hats earlier today and appeared perfectly happy to sit on a thumb and be photographed.

Newt licence obtained from Natural England

We have now obtained a European Protected Species Mitigation Licence for the Cranleigh Brick Works Remediation project meaning we have permission to carry out works on Great Crested Newt habitats with supervision from licenced professionals.

A Grainy Memory: The Mercury Seed Dressing Plant

Demolition work began on the buildings on 13th February. These buildings represented one of the largest threats to human health on the site, with some of the buildings consisting of asbestos sheet roofing in disrepair and harbouring refractory ceramic fibres (RCF) in kilns.

We've been given the Green Light!

Now that, hopefully, the worst of the winter weather is over we met with Surrey County Council on 10th March to discuss the condition of the highway along Wildwood Lane and Knowle Lane.

Pre-Commencement Progress

Despite a break-in over the Christmas period during which our site office was badly damaged, preparation for remediation is progressing well.

Planning Permission and Pre-Commencement works for the remediation of Cranleigh Brick & Tile works

Planning permission for the remediation of the site was formally granted in August 2015. Now our civil engineers and environmental scientists are on site setting up the offices, commencing site clearance and surveying existing underground pipework.