- Agricultural Waste and Water Management



Rural Arisings work to solve agricultural waste water issues, manage surface and grey water as well as creating ponds and wetlands.

Field Place Farm

Rural Arisings Field Place Farm

Location: Field Place Farm, Stairbridge Lane,  Bolney, West Sussex
Client:  Andrew Strong, Landowner
Project: Construction of a lagoon to contain slurry for cleaning out of piggery buildings

Holmsted Farm

Holmsted Farm

Client: Landowner Mr Bill Hayward
Location: Holmsted Farm, Cuckfield, West Sussex


Holmsted Farm undertakes contract rearing of dairy cows for other dairy farmers and is located to the northwest of Cuckfield in West Sussex. Historically, the dirty water drained from the cattle slurry has been pumped uphill to a large lagoon, where the waters would partially seep into the ground.