Cranleigh Blog

Springing into Action

Over the last few months we have been steadily clearing woodland around the biggest contaminated waterbodies onsite. Over 1 hectare of land has been cleared by our small tree removal team in preparation for the oncoming trapping season.
Now hibernation is over and spring has come back around we will be fencing off the cleared areas, as soon as possible, ready to trap them out over the next few months. We have already had some encounters with our amphibious friends, including Great Crested Newts, Frogs, Toads and Smooth Newts. We have also had our first lizard in the new licenced area.
Seeing this many animals so early in the season is a great sign of what’s to come. It is also a good sign for the future of the site. Once we have finished our works and created uncontaminated habitat with special features to encourage reptiles and amphibians, there will be health populations of these animals in the surrounding land to repopulate the area.