Cranleigh Blog

Site Clean up Continues - RCF and Leachate Managed

A large section of Refractory Ceramic Fibre contaminated ground has recently been cleared between the brick shed and the site boundary fence. These RCFs are known to pose similar threats as asbestos and may cause cancer and lung disease. This ground was cleared by a specialist contractor and the contaminated soil was moved to the designated area on site which was then capped with 0.5m clay. This area of the site will eventually be covered by over 10m of cap as the water catchment area is re-profiled and ensures all contaminants are well contained.
The drainage investigation has restarted, enabling us to locate more contamination hotspots across the site. We will then manage the contaminated water (leachate) by grouting up known contaminated drains and capping the central contamination zone to prevent further leachate from being produced. The trial for the treatment of remaining leachate conducted in partnership Surrey University is also providing good results for the chosen contaminant reducing material in which trials aim to find optimum application of the material through various tanks, flocculation and filters.