Cranleigh Blog

Icy conditions were snow problem for us

Over the winter our team has been working incredibly hard to further progress the site.
Back in October we received our second Great Crested Newt Licence, which meant over winter our ecological works were focused on clearing the woodland from the contaminated areas and preparing the land around the two largest contaminated waterbodies for trapping in the upcoming spring.
The treatment plant has been progressing in leaps and bounds. Over winter we have managed to divert the surface runoff from entering the contaminated lagoon and adding to our leachate problem. At the same time, we have also started treating the contaminated water. Our treatment plant takes out an estimated 20kg Zinc a week. Now we are draining the lagoon down we can start planning the treatment of the sludge at the bottom of the lagoon.
Earthworks have been continuing onsite, through the winter months this becomes more difficult as the ground is so soft and wet. However, we have stockpiled clay based materials for the capping layer and have been slowly pushing our regulating layer out when weather permits. Our other major engineering work has been to create a new drain run, this is being laid along the centre of the site to connect those old drain runs we have found so that leachate, that is generated in the future by water that gets through the cap, is able to flow to the final treatment plant.  This is being complimented by a clay cut off and collector drain around the south and west perimeters of the site.  The north/east side of the site has an existing cut off which will be joined to the cap.