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Gotta Catch Em All

We have finally installed our Great Crested Newt and reptile fences around the Southern half of the site. The Quarry, Middle Lagoon and the surrounding land is now being trapped and searched for a range of reptiles and amphibians, notably the Great Crested Newt. We are transporting the critters we find to the neighbouring fields to keep the source population close so that once we have completed we will be able to allow the animals to repopulate the now clean land.
The Great Crested Newt is protected under European Legislation, and it is an offence to capture, kill or even disturb one, without a licence from Natural England. These wonderful creatures help with a range of ecosystem services. They, along with other amphibians, assist in the cycling of nutrients. Thanks to their complex lifecycles nutrients are taken from the water to land and back again. This naturally increases soil fertility in the area GCNs and other amphibians are found. They are struggling across Europe, including in the UK. The reason for this decline is that they inhabit newly created ponds and especially those that sporadically dry out, unfortunately due to the intensification of agriculture this habitat is decreasing.
Luckily at Cranleigh Brick and Tile Works we will be creating a range of ponds and ditches perfect for Great Crested Newts and other amphibians and reptiles. We have already found GCN and a few lizards, toads and grass snakes.