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Gotta Catch Em All

We have finally installed our Great Crested Newt and reptile fences around the Southern half of the site. The Quarry, Middle Lagoon and the surrounding land is now being trapped and searched for a range of reptiles and amphibians, notably the Great Crested Newt.

We Are Getting There

As you will have seen over the last few months, the roads in the Cranleigh area have been deteriorating rapidly due to the wet and icy winter and bad drainage. When these conditions,

Springing into Action

Over the last few months we have been steadily clearing woodland around the biggest contaminated waterbodies onsite. Over 1 hectare of land has been cleared by our small tree removal team in preparation for the oncoming trapping season.

Icy conditions were snow problem for us

Over the winter our team has been working incredibly hard to further progress the site.

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Summer Fun

Over the summer much of our work will focus on enhancing some of the translocation ponds onsite. We will be removing some of the fast-growing species, including Bulrush and Willow to open the ponds and make them more ecologically diverse.

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Keeping it Clean

We have undertaken several experiments on leachate treatment in consultation with Surrey Uni and the EA.

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Spring Cleaning

Earthworks are progressing to plan but progress is expected to slow down in the summer months as ‘other sites’ open up to receive fill when ground conditions are dry and easily accessible. Higher numbers are expected to return going into the autumn and winter as these sites close.

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Trapping has begun and the results are ‘toad’aly awesome!

We have restarted our translocation of reptiles and amphibians and have been trapping for over a month now. We are finding a wide range of amphibians and reptiles. We have been lucky enough to see toad and frogspawn this year and have moved many animals already.

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Winter is over and we've never felled better

This winter ecological work has focussed on preparing the rest of the earthworks site, not yet open to engineering works, for the 2017 Translocation season. This has mainly consisted of removing the trees and scrub before the bird nesting season begins.

Wildwood Lane Depression - Cranleigh Brickworks

Wildwood Lane Depression - the plot deepens

We were first made aware of the latest pothole to open up on Wildwood Lane, between the Rugby Club and the A281, by a number of the lorry drivers visiting our site.